Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Season is officially over....13 days till take off!!

Since my last post we've played two games, I'll start with last Tuesday against the 5th place Lightning. This was a team that was finally starting to play really well and had won the last two games they played before us, beating teams that they had never beaten before. They were already out of the playoff hunt but were finally clicking as a team and looking to hurt some records. We came into the game a little over confident and didn't come out to a great start. We were only up by about 2 at halftime. I had already scored 15pts and was feeling in a pretty good rhythm. It wasn't until about the end of the third quarter where we finally kicked into gear and took the game over. We ended up winning by 17pts I believe and that was our last regular season game. I finished with 27pts and a career high 32rebounds!!!

Now it was on to the playoffs and if you lost from this point on you were DONE! We ended the regular season in 3rd place so we were to play the 4th place team in a knockout game, winner moves on. That team would be the Warriors, a team that has added an import each time we've played them. During the course of the season we beat them 3 out of 4 games, losing the last game when they reached a total of 4 American imports to our 2. We knew this game was going to be very tough and hard fought as they are also a very scrappy team. We started off in a FUNK and ended up down by about 16pts at halftime. Once the 3rd quarter hit I knew we needed some energy and after a big dunk and backboard slap (by yours truly) down the middle of the key, it was ON! We quickly made a run back into the game and pulled the deficit to 2 points going into the fourth quarter. It was a grudge match from there on out, back and forth. We had 3 different occasions tie the game or take the lead within the last 2 minutes, but struggled to make free throws....It's a sad thing when it comes down to free throws and you lose a season ending game. It wasn't me though, it was one of our local players and he just couldn't pull through for us this time. We ended up losing by 3 pts in the closing seconds. I didn't get as many shots as usual because they played in a zone defense all game and we didn't move the ball very well. I only finished with 14pts and 7rebs.

Overall I had a really good season here in Darwin and averaged 23.4points, 14.8rebounds, 2.1assists and 1 block per game. All of these statistics are season highs for me and I look to build on them as I progress in my professional career. I am very happy with the way things turned out and feel like we grew as a team over the length of the season and I grew as a player and a leader as well. I wish the best to these guys out here for future seasons and you never know if maybe I'll make it back up north to play in the NT again..??? The Eagles club has been amazing to play for! I've felt like part of a family while here in Darwin and I've got to say that it's made me feel very comfortable and at ease in order to do my job on the court. I wouldn't of wanted it any other way! Much love to everyone here in Darwin, ESPECIALLY momma Donna!

Things at work have been rolling right along as usual. My U.G.L.Y. fundraiser has really started to take off! We're now at $1,300 after a few friendly donations and we still have another 6 days until all the money has to be turned in. I have a big raffle set up for Friday night where we are going to auction off a XXXX (brand of beer) keg that I got donated for free. That alone should bring in a few hundred dollars. I think we should be able hit around $1,500-1,700 dollars by the 1st of December, well above and beyond our original goal of a $1,000. I'm happy that I've been able to be a part of this project as I have some very close people in my life that suffer from cancer each and everyday. It's been a fun experience wearing my UGLY t-shirt at work everyday and getting to hear all of the funny remarks from the customers. I've also enjoyed the conversations with customers about what has happened in their lives that has lead them to donate to the cause. Overall it's been a humbling experience to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation. It truly feels good to give.

As far as my last 2 weeks go here in Australia, it should be pretty busy. I have worked scheduled until the 5th, but I may be heading to Perth for a little meet and greet with my new team and management (but nothing is for sure yet...). I still haven't signed any paperwork yet, but that should all be taken care of by the end of this week. There were some things that needed to be added to the original version once we (my agent and myself) received it last week. I am really excited to get home and take about a week off from bball then get right back on the GRIND and prepare myself for this next season in Perth!!!

Our team presentation and end of the year party is this Saturday night and should be a lot of fun. I think they will be handing out some awards and we'll just be able to eat, dance and hang out as a group. Should be a good time!

Other than work for this last 2 weeks I have still have my 3 schools that I've been going to for the last 6 weeks to finish up. I've had a good time with the kids and it's once again taught me a lot about what to be ready for one day when I have mine hahahaha. I've always thought about one day coaching and it still creeps into my head every now and then, especially after I get to spend a certain amount of time with a group of kids and they grow on me. I guess I'll always consider coaching as a career after I'm done playing since I'm sure I'll still want to be around the game of basketball as long as I'm still living. Who knows, but as for now I'm fine with just having to deal with the kids for an hour a week hahaha! MAN they can be a handful!

I think that's about for now and I'm not sure if I'll have another post or not for the time being, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT I'll probably do one more before we take off outa here. So until then, best wishes to all my people back home and other friends in other countries balling. I can't wait to be back in the beautiful Northwest and some COLD weather!

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! I'm definitely gonna miss eating all that goooooooooood food and taking several naps throughout the day.... I hope everyone gets to enjoy the day with some family!

Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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