Friday, 4 February 2011

3 days and counting till takeoff...

Well its that time again... I was only home for around 1 1/2 months since I had left Darwin and already its time to take off for the next season. I'll be gone from February 6th until roughly around the end up July or possibly end of August/early September. It all depends on how our season goes and if we can make the playoffs or not. I personally want the season to go really well, BUT my brother is getting married on August 20th and I HAVE to be there!!!! So we'll see what happens...

I ended up signing with a team called the SouthWest Slammers that play in the SBL (State Basketball League) for the 2011 season. I signed with them in December when I got back from Darwin. The other club (the Eagles) that I was 99% close to signing with before I left Darwin had some minor issues that we couldn't agree with on the contract so I decided to look else where and ended up with the Slammers (in the same league). I am very excited about being with them and think we will have a good season with the right effort and attitude. They really struggled last season and finished in dead last with a record of 1-25... So anything more than 1 win will be a success for this season hahaha. The team is located in a town called Bunbury which is about 2 hours south of Perth (the main big city) in Western Australia. I will be staying with a host family set up by the club just like in Darwin, which is going to be awesome. Plus I'll still be on my work visa until late June so I will most likely have another side job as I am playing. That really helps with keeping me busy and not thinking about missing home. It's also a great way to meet new people and get out into the community.

I'm really excited for this new opportunity to continue playing and further my pro bball career. I've been training extremely hard since I've been back and am ready to have a big season! It's gonna be a long 6-7 months but that's the job for ya hahaha. Originally I was suppossed to be leaving on the 19th of February, but the team wanted me there as soon as I could make it out SOOOOOOO we changed the ticket to an earlier date. The season is creeping up around the corner and I understand that the more time I have with the team to mesh and bond, the better.

Since I've been home it's just been 24/7 bball for me. With workouts 5 days a week with personal trainers and getting shots up everyday with my buddy Chuck, I feel like I'm more ready than ever to rip this season up! It's been a blessing to be home for as long as I have been, even though it wasn't that long at all!!! It's been great to catch up with friends and family and see how everyones life is going for them. There are sooooo many exciting things going on in my family with new babies being born and weddings around the corner, it's always crazy to come back and hear all the news I've missed out on (even though I stay pretty up to date from my family with things).

I've had a blast being home and I'm going to miss everyone very much, but I love playing basketball and the traveling isn't that bad either :) ... besides this is what I do best! The longer I can put off the 9-5 job the better, at least that's what EVERYONE tells me lol. So until I "have" to start a "real" life I guess I'll just keep on trucking with hoops thing :)

Feel free to hit me up whenever. I have my own skype number 206-855-6868 or just to chat, my screename- Matthew Robert Smith. Email- . And of course I'm on Facebook with all my new pictures and game updates.

I wish everyone a blessed 2011 and thank you for following me on my adventures of being overseas and playing the game I love!

Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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