Thursday, 14 July 2011

8 days left to go!

So I realize that its been like 2 or so months since my last post...MY BAD (for those who follow)... I've never gone that long without writing on here while I'm in another country. I can't even tell you why I haven't written anything, it's not like I've been "too busy" or that fun stuff hasn't been happening. I just haven't felt like writing I guess...

Well a lot has happened since my last post in April. I won't be able to share everything so I'll kind've just give everyone a general summary of what's been going on!

To start off, my roommate and the women's import Lavesa, has been gone now for about 8 or 9 weeks. She was unfortunately released by the team, but she played really well and had some awesome stats. But it was actually perfect timing for her as she had just recieved a D.O.B.O. (director of basketball operations) position at a University in Wisconsin. So big congrats to her! We have missed her in the house big time, but will always remember the fun times.

On to basketball now... Our current record is 0-25 as we just lost 2 games this past weekend. I can't tell you how many games we've lost by 10 or less, but we could easily have won around 10 games this season. That would've put us in the playoff race. Unfortunately things didn't go that way for us. We have had the same struggles all season long in game situations. Usually it'll be a 4-6 minute mental "fart" that we have as a team and there goes the game.

We only have one more game left next Saturday then the season is over. We are unfortunately playing Lakeside who are ranked #1 and only lost 2 games all season. So needless to say we're going to have our hands full. Hopefully we can pull it out and end things on a positive note.

I started growing a beard about 8-9 weeks ago because Lavesa wanted to see what I looked like "scruffy". So after about 2 weeks I decided to just not shave it until we won a game. Well I ran into one of the news reporters one night and he asked me if I forgot how to shave lol. So I told him about my reasons for the beard, and he loved it and wanted to do a story on it. So since then I've gotten questions about "the beard" and alllll sorts of comments. The picture below is from the news when they did the first story. They took a picture of me from when I first arrived 6 months ago and added a beard that looks like its 30 years old. They were saying that's what I'll look like if we didn't win soon haha. Funny but almost true.

As far as my next basketball gig goes I've had a few offers from teams in Germany and Denmark, but I haven't officially taken anything yet. I've been a little torn as what to do with playing in Europe or not, just because that means I would be leaving the end of August and only give me 1 month at home with my family, friends and girlfriend (Tess, for those who may not know her name). At the same time I feel very blessed to still be able to play the game I love and get paid for doing it. So I think I need to continue to take advantage of my opportunities and keep on playing, traveling and seeing/experiencing the world. Especially while I'm still young (28, but young at heart!) and have no wife or kids. I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date on what happens with my next adventure.

All of our school clinics ended about 2 weeks ago and it's been really nice to have all that free time back again. Nick and I have been able to start some pre-season workouts in the weight room and gym, since he's heading to Germany to play and I'll most likely end up somewhere in Europe. It's been a great feeling to get those extra workouts in again. The only obligations we have left is a 2 day camp starting tomorrow for about 25 Slammers kids. It should be a fun 2 days filled with competitions, games and some drills.

My under 18's team that I coach has been going ok, but we struggle with only having 8 guys at the most for practices. It's a good group of guys though and we have fun, win or lose. This will be my last week of practice with them and then my final game as coach will be on Sunday. I've had a good time helping the club coaching and I hope the boys were able to take something away from my coaching.

I know that a bunch of fun things have been going on back home and I'm looking forward to being back! My ticket is booked for the 25th and I'll be home the 26th after all the traveling. I've already got so many plans set up for the month of August(just in case I end up leaving for Europe), with weddings, comedy shows, Tess's gigs, trip to Portland to see my buddies Ryan Menten and John Olinger, and of course workouts!! I know August will fly by!

It's crazy to think that 6 months has come and gone so quickly, but that's how life has been going for me the past 2-3 years. I'm now 28 years old and still playing ball and loving life. I am very thankful for my opportunities to be where I am and do the things I get to do.

Overall I've had an awesome time here in Bunbury and the SW of Australia! The team, management, fans and community have been great and the support is very strong for this team to do well. I wish only the best for this club in the future seasons and hope that they can get back on track to winning championships like back in the 90's. I'm bummed out we didn't have a better season, considering having a better team than last year, but we gave it our all and that's all you can ask for in the end. I've had a great time with the guys this season too, I've really made some good friends and will miss them. We had a lot of laughs!

I want to give a big thanks to my host family, the Donnovans, for taking great care of me and setting me up in a beautiful spot! I've had a blast speding time with the kids and getting to watch them grow up. I've really been spoiled here with dinner cooked every night and my laundry done when needed. Russel and Karen have huge servants hearts and have looked after us better than anyone could've! I'm positive my time here wouldn't have been the same if I stayed anywhere else.

One last huge thanks to the Slammers club for being honest, trustworthy and loyal to me as a player. So many times clubs can be very shady and unprofessional, especially when it's not a winning season... So I was very blessed to be in good hands with the Slammers! CHEERS!

THis will be my last post from Bunbury Australia... next stop Seattle, home!!

Until next time...
"Make it Happen"

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