Saturday, 2 October 2010

Today's the BIG day...

Tonight we (the NT all-star team) tips it off against the Adelaide 36er's from the NBL. We play at 6pm and its suppossed to be a packed sold out stadium in front of our home crowd. It's going to be televised live on channel ONE HD, so I told as many people who can't make it to at least tune in on the tv. All the guys are ready to go as we had an early morning run-thru practice session to talk strategy and what not. I'm excited and blessed to have this opportunity to play, hopefully some good things can come from just this one never know in this life who is watching... we'll see! I'll update everyone on how it goes.

We (the Eagles) had a game this past Tuesday against the TV Jets and lets just say we were "saved by the buzzer" hahaha. We started out pretty cold missing some easy lay-ups (bobby and myself, but mostly ME lol). We finally got warmed up and in rythm then extended our lead to 15pts by halftime. We pushed the lead to 20 at times but the Jets slowly worked their way back minute by minute as the game went on. Next thing you know we're only up 4 with about 2 minutes in the 4th quarter. We had the ball with about 15 seconds left, up 2, and Bobby was just dribbling around running out the clock waiting for them to foul. BUT they ended up stealing it away and with about 3 seconds left tried for a fast break, only to lay it in as the buzzer was going off!!! hahah we got lucky that night and we know it! I finished with 33 points and 15 rebounds. I finally shot the ball well from the 3pt line going 4-4. I should've finished with about 45 points if I would've just made about 5 of the EASY layups I blew hahaha. Oh well, we got the "W" and that's all that matters (after getting your stats anyway hahaha! Just keeping it real BABYYYY)

Even the President (Reedy) finally decided to show up to a game for a WIN!

Other than bball life in general has been going great. Everyone in the Smith clan back home on the west coast has seem to of caught a "love bug" because now i've just heard that another one of my cousins is getting married!!! GEE WILLIKERS.... now that makes 4 family members (3 cousins and 1 brother) engaged since 2010 began... Am I missing the boat here??? Or am I just fine with where I'm at??? Hahahaha I think I'm ok with not being married quiteeeeeeeee yet (I'll just focus on having a date for the weddings ;) ).... I hope I'm around the town to get to catch some of these weddings eventually, but I don't know when exactly I'll be home quite yet.

My parents just recently put our house of 15 years on the market :( haha. No i'm just joking, I'm not sad! I'm glad they are moving and making a change of scenery, I think it'll be fun to move into a new place and design it and have house warming parties and such. I just wish I was home to have helped out with all the painting that took place and all the lifting/moving thats left to come. It's all an exciting process though and there are 2 open houses this weekend, so send your prayers that a nice family will be interested in buying our crib!

Life out here is day to day, but going great! It's pretty much just bball and work everyday, but in a few weeks I will start doing school sessions too, twice a week at local schools around the area of Karama. That will be fun and also another good form of income :)! Bball sessions aint free coming from an American Professional basketball player baby haha! Work has been good, but just a little slow at times. Still I'm very grateful to be where I am and working with the people I do, it's a fun group.

I was able to speak with the Head Coach from the Adelaide Bearcats of the ABA league in South Australia. He came up this week to watch some of his players play in the NBL tournament as he is also an agent in his free time. He also heard about Bobby and myself and decided to come up and hopefully get to meet us while he was here. He was a nice guy and looking for a player like myself for his team for next season! So i passed him some game films and highlights to take home and watch (as he can't stay for tonights game). We'll be in touch and hopefully he likes what he sees and this team will be a possibility for next season!! I'm excited for the next step in my career already, but I can't get to far ahead of myself quite yet! One step at a time for now...

I think that's about it for now. I hope everyone back home is doing well! Thanks again for following me throughout this blog and enjoying some special moments with me! I appreciate allllllll the love and support from everyone, if it wasn't for ya'll I don't know if I'd be where I am today... I'd probably still be running around Nordstroms looking at 90yr old women's feet (YUCK!!!) hahahah! Remember life is good, but GOD is great!

Until tomorrow...
"Make it happen"

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