Friday, 26 March 2010


So from the score you can tell that it wasn't a good game for us. It was our last home game of the year and not the exact way I wanted it to go down, but that's life ya know. Without John playing it was tough for us to really get things together and function the way they usually do as he is our main point guard and the core to the team. It personally was a frustrating game for me as I got into foul trouble and it took me out of any rhythm I had going. I really wanted to produce a lot this game because I knew I would have to for us to have a chance at winning. I finished with 13pts 10rebounds and 2 assists. With this loss we officially now cannot make the playoffs, which sucks! So our goal is still to finish the season strong with the three games we have left. Our next battle is this weekend as we have a double header Saturday and Sunday!
Other than the defeat it was a great day. We had the finals for our Hoops4Health tournament for the primary schools we've been coaching in. So there were about 4 games prior to our match with 4 primary schools in attendance playing. The top two teams then got to play for the championship during halftime of our game. It was a heated battle and actually came down to a shoot out with Potters Green primary school taking the victory and getting to move on to Nationals. So it was still a successful day with the kids having a blast and getting to play a proper match in front of their families. Most of the kids stuck around and supported us during our game, cheering and chanting! It was a fun time!

Last night Pete, John and I went out for a dinner at Pizza Express. Now this may sound like just a regular pizza joint BUT it was actually like a "fine dining" type of restaurant. They have a special deals on Wednesdays where you can get 2 pizzas for the price of 1, so we took up on that special offer. It was a nice night out of the house to spend with the roomies. The pizzas were delicious and really authentic, it was a nice restaurant.

Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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