Thursday, 18 March 2010

St. Patty's Day/ Coventry University Varsity Day

So yesterday was what they call "varsity day" at Coventry University (where John is the head coach of the men's bball team, and I assistant coach). On this day every year all the team sports compete against Warwick Universities teams (Warwick is another university around 20 minutes away). So needless to say its a HUGE bragging rights day for the whole year!
John has gone back to the states in Atlanta for a week for a friends wedding so he missed varsity day, but will ALSO miss our game this Sunday which sucks! SO Scott took over as Head Coach and I assisted him. It was a tight game for the most part with Warwick going on a few runs here and there, but our boys fought hard and kept it close. We ended up losing by 7!! Which wasn't terrible since Warwick had already beaten us twice this season already, and we were without 2 key players this time around.
Afterwards Scott and I headed to the Rugby League game which was the last event for Varsity Day and was being played at Butts Arena (yes I said Butts haha). That's our home venue for Rugby. All the coaches of sports teams were invited into the VIP lounge to spectate the match. So of course this included free food and beverages(juice, no alcohol)! This was my first live Rugby match ever and all I have to say is WOW! These guys are absolutely NUTS, I would NEVER play that game, EVER! There were sooo many extra illegal things happening in those piles (punches, kick, pokes, whatever you can think of) that I couldn't imagine why someone would want to play... BUT i must say it was very exciting and entertaining to watch and I can't wait until my next opportunity to do so. The stands were packed with students from both schools and they were wild with their cheers and songs haha! It was a great time.
Right after the game I ran into Ashley who was the men's bball club President for Coventry University. He was heading out for the night with about 8 buddies and asked if I wanted to come along, that was all I needed to hear hah! I was down for whatever, and that's pretty much been my attitude this whole experience. What are you going to learn or who are going to meet if all you do is go to practice/games/coaching and then back home..?? I'm going to do/participate in as many things as possible to make this time as much fun as I can!!
We made our way towards a nightclub called Ignite, but along the way we stopped in at a few pubs for a brewsky :) The Irish spirit was in the air and everyone was alllll smiles. We made it to Ignite around 11pm and it was definitely the place to be for all the students as an after party for the day. We had a blast just dancing and clowning around, it was nice to meet some new folks and get out with a different group of guys. Hopefully we'll be doing it again sometime soon.

This weekend we have Leeds at home for our final home game. They are currently in 2nd place and are a really tough team. We will be without John and we just found out that Dan is not going to play anymore this season as his shoulder has been bugging him. So that gives us 7 guys for sunday and 8 for the rest of the season. Not ideal but we'll get along just fine. I'm ready to have a monstrous game this weekend and help lead these guys into battle!! Should be a fun one...

I hope everyone is doing well and in good spirits. I have been praying for everyone back home and all of my buddies who are in other countries playing ball! Thanks to everyone for emails/skype convo's, I appreciate the time and love! Miss you all.

Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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