Friday, 2 July 2010


Hey Hey everybody!!

Well that wasn't a very long break was it...???!!! I'm back on the grind again and this time I'm DOWN UNDAAA in Darwin Australia!!
I just arrived yesterday the 1st of July and so far so good! I'm going to be here until the 4th then I'm off to Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia for a tournament for just one month (with a team called the Bintulu Rainbows) then I'll be back in Darwin for their season here until December with The Eagles.

There was no time to waste yesterday, as soon as i got off the plane we came home to drop my stuff off then we were off to Donna's sons house to celebrate "Territory Day" which is like our 4th of July. So we had some fireworks, food and drinks! It was a fun time and nice to already meet some new people. I was pooped though and once we got home I knocked out at like 10pm and slept in till about 8am.
I'm staying with the other American player Bobbby at our team Secretary's house Donna (she's been with the Eagles since the club started and is like the team mom and is an awesome lady and loves bball). I can already tell we'll be having a lot of fun here at the house over the next 6 months!
Today we're off to get me set up with a bank account for when i get back from Malaysia. Plus Donna and Bobby are gonna show me around the city of Darwin so I can see what exactly goes on around here, should be a fun day! Tomorrow we are headed out on a 3hour cruise with both the men's and women's team and the management of the Eagles so we can all get to meet eachother and hang out. That will be a lot of fun and great to finally meet everyone!
Well that's all i got for now...
I know GOD has some awesome things planned for me while i'm out here and I'm ready to attack them head on! A new adventure.. Here we go!
Thanks to all my friends and family for the past month and a half! I know it went by super quick, but it was A LOT of fun and really great to see everyone!!! I miss all you guys tons and will be updating my FB with pictures and what not all the time. Much love to you all!
Until tomorrow...
"Make it Happen"

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