Monday, 9 August 2010

Beer Can Regata

Yesterday Donna, Bobby and myself went to the Beer Can Regata races down at the beach. It only happens once a year and I guess doesn't happen anywhere else in the world (or so says Donna haha). It was a fun little event and the beach was packed with people. There was also a market/fair set up with a bunch of good food and also some art and craft things for people to shop around. There was about 15 teams that made a boat, most of which were pubs or clubs from Darwin. They also had a sand sculpture competition and also some "foot races" for the kids. The weather was beautiful and I am really getting used to waking up to the sunshine every morning. It was a fun time and reminded me a little bit of home. We used to have foot races at Whidbey Island for the 4th of July, and there's some milk carton boat races at Greenlake that happen in the summertime. A lot of fun!

There are no games this week because of a National tournament for U18's being held at our gym, so this week will just consist of workouts and getting shots up. Our team actually has a bye week next week too, so we don't play for two weeks! Which sucks, but every team will have a bye week eventually so we're just gonna have to ride it out. I'm still in the process of getting my job set up, but should hear something back by today or tomorrow.

All is still going great and it's already been a week now here in Darwin. Hope everyone is having a fun filled summer back home!

Until Tomorrow...
"Make it Happen"

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