Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Goodbye Malaysia ...Hello Darwin

So the Finals weekend came to an end and we ended up losing in the semi-finals to Perak Pharcochem by 11pts. The final night was fun as the NBL league rented out a bar/club for the whole league to come and enjoy, including coaches, management and owners. It was a nice way to end a tough month long season, plus it was nice to get to see everyone in the same spot and not have it be on the court haha.
Although we got knocked out early I decided to enter into the 3pt shootout contest on Sunday night to try to bring home a trophy and some extra cash ;) lol. I was the last one to get knocked out of the first round (so i almost made the finals), but it was still fun to be in!
I really had a great experience in Malaysia and would definitely do it again, or anywhere else in Asia for that matter. I met some great people and made some new friends, played some good bball and ate some good food (minus the food poisoning in week 2 hahah). Nothing much more you can ask for when going in blind into a situation!! The month went well and I ended up averaging around 14pts and 7rebounds a game.

This is me and some of the other imports with LOH, one of the commissioners of the NBL. He was the one that got us all set up with our teams and situations. Good guy!

I arrived in Darwin August 3rd at 4:30AM. My host mom Donna was there to pick me up and take me home, she's awesome! As soon as I got home I went straight to bed and slept till around 2pm, got up, ate some food, chilled out, then went to the gym because we had a game at 7:45pm that same night hahah! No rest for me baby!! We played a team called the Warriors, they were pretty good, but we were better that night. We ended up winning by 13pts or so, I had 32pts and 12rebs. A nice start to my Australian career, and not to bad for no practices with the team too. My team "the Eagles" is made up of a mixture of guys. We have some youngsters at 15, 18 & 20, the we also have some guys who are mid to late 30's. It should be an interesting season here to say the least. The plan is to play well and put up some good stats then get to the next best league in Australia down south in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. We'll see how that plan exactly pans out :)
As for now I'm getting set up with a job that I'll have for my time while I'm out here and also reffing at the gym for the local men's and women's leagues. I'm looking into working at the Darwin Sports and Recreation Association, so that I can build my work resume at the same time as I build my basketball resume too. Sounded like a smart idea to me :) ! My schedule isn't too busy yet, but will pick up soon and I'm looking forward to that. You can only be online soooo much haha!
I miss all my friends and family back home sooooo much, but it's already been over a month that I've been gone and that leaves only 4 1/2 months left. Time flys when you're having fun! SOOOO let's do it!

Until Tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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