Thursday, 11 February 2010

Almost been a month in Coventry...

So this week has gone by pretty quick and I'm starting to feel like I'm fitting in over here really well! This week wasn't quite as busy as others because "half term" is next week so there wasn't many sessions scheduled for us this week because of that. Half term is basically like mid-winter break, they get the week off of school. So we'll be having our Crusaders bball 3 day camp, monday thru wednesday. I'm looking forward to that, it should be good times!
Today was a day off and it's starting to look like Thursdays are going to be permanent days off, which is cool! I started today off with a hearty breakfast including scrambled eggs, toast, yogut and some fruit :) gotta stay healthy. I took a look outside and it was gorgeous out (meaning sunny but still freezing cold haha! just like SeaTown) so I decided to head into town and explore/shop a little bit and see what downtown was like on a regular day. So I hopped on the bus and made my way... It was a lot of fun, as many of you may know I am a pretty good shopper :) so I was excited to find some good spots with deals out here! One of which was a department store called Primark, which had super deals on clothing. I'd compare them to probably like a JCPenny or something like that, but cheaper deals. So I had to scoop up a couple scarfs! Gotta get my scarf game up to par, that's the style for guys out here! I'm still on the search for a "proper" (proper is used allll the time out here) peacoat though, that's really a CRUCIAL piece to the wardrobe along with the scarf :)

Overall it was a nice day of shopping and exploring my home away from home of Coventry. Hopefully I'll have some time every week to get downtown and find some good food/chill spots to read and put out the "vibe" haha.

We did have practice tonight, and a crucial one too! We have a doubler header this weekend against two teams that are middle of the pack, basically right above us. Both these teams are very beatable and we neeeeeeeed these wins to make a good push for the playoffs! We play Tauton on Saturday at home, then we play the London Mets Sunday on the road at their place. It's a BIG weekend, gotta be super focused to get these two wins...
Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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