Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hoops 4 Health Tournament


So this was our Hoops4Health tournament that we've been preparing these school kids for the last few weeks. There were 6 schools competing and each was to bring 10 kids they thought did best during our teaching sessions leading up to the tourney. Overall the kids did great and had a bunch of fun, they were able to do some of the things we taught them finally in a game type scenario. The tournament was a success and the winners will move on to the next stage against the winners of our next 6 school tourney. The final championship game will be played at halftime of one of our home games in March, the main goal for these schools is to possibly move on to nationals and represent Coventry!
Other than the tourney for today we just had our usual team practice. We are preparing for a tough game this weekend against the Derby Trailblazers who are currently #1 in our league.


Today was a full busy day as usual, nothing crazy to report! But here is an article write up for our game this weekend!! It's from the England Basketball official website...

Until Tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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