Saturday, 13 February 2010

New friends and more fooooooood :)

Friday -

This was a pretty busy day, but also a restful one as we have two big games back to back this weekend! John and I got our early AM workout in so we could get some extra shots up to stay fresh, then I made my way to the office to meet with coach for our weekly meeting... We had an amazing talk and discussed some really important things about life, like the type of woman I want to marry, my plans after bball, forgiveness, friendships/relationships and just God's overall plan for my life. It's pretty cool to see things start to shape up in your life piece by piece and be able to sit back and soak it all in, life is a crazy journey! We'd been reading the past week in the Gospel of Matthew and continued to do so for this week, so we discussed some things that stood out to each of us in the word and shared feedback about it. Needless to say the meeting went well as always, and the tea never hurts either :) I'm officially hooked!
We did have one after school basketball session to teach for a school that's going to be in our March 4th tournament. They have chosen their final 10 players to play and the kids are pretty good with most skills, but we'll see how they compare to others schools.
For the evening I was invited by Coach and his family to an open house type deal at their friends house from church. There were having people pop in and out as they please from 5-10pm, that way you could come whenever, visit, and leave whenever.. worked out quite well... We all were to bring something to eat, potluck style, so I brought some ice cream :) haha. The food was great (coaches wife is a mean cook and made some BOMB lasagna!) and the fellowship was awesome as well! I got to meet a bunch of new people including Mark (who's 28, married with 2 kids) who is a sport fanatic and actually has some friends who play for the Coventry futbol club. They are in the Coca Cola championship league for soccer and attract quite the crowds so he said I could roll with him anytime to a match! PLUS he gets the VIP lounge tickets because he knows the players hahah, so of course I'm there!
This about wrapped up my Friday and it was time to cash out for the night... big weekend so rest is going to be crucial!
Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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