Sunday, 7 February 2010

Tough home loss... CRUSADERS 75 - DERBY TRAILBLAZERS 94

Saturday -
Today started off with the usual 9AM coaching session open for all who want to attend from the community. Following that I coached the U14 team, which I am slowly taking over as the Head coach. We played 2 games and split at 1-1, but it's a good group of kids with some potential.
Our match was suppossed to start at 7:30 but didn't tip off until 8:30! SO we warmed up then cooled down, then warmed up again...It wasn't the most convienent start to a game but the other team was stuck in traffic from an accident.
It was a tough game from the get go as I was getting an automatic double team as soon as I touched the ball. It didn't change for the rest of the match as I didn't get as many touches/shots as I had been in previous games, credit to their tough defense and physical play. It wasn't much help either that I got my third foul late in the second quarter and had to sit the beginning of the 3rd quarter. That's when they took full control of the game taking the lead from 8 to 17pts. I absolutely cannot get into foul trouble anymore as it hurts the team when I'm off the floor.
We couldn't cut into the lead and ended up losing, but it was still a good game and I think we can beat them on any given night. I'm not positive of my stats yet, but I think I had around 10pts, 10reb and 3asts.

Sunday -

Today's service at church was good and I'm enjoying my time at Mosaic every sunday, especially when it starts off with a cup of tea :)
John and I then went to Tammy's house again with Ed to watch the futbol match of Arsenal vs. Chelsea. There wasn't as many people as last time and no food, but still fun to watch and get out of the house. Arsenal lost again and again it was a dissapointment! But I liked Chelsea and just might've found my club to support! haha
As for the rest of tonight, it's Super Bowl sunday and we are heading over to someones house to watch it and enjoy some food :) It doesn't start until 11pm out here so it's gonna be a late one! I'll have to take a nap manana:) haha
Until tomorrow...
"Make it happen"

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  1. Yes! Good choice. Chelsea is my club in England too.