Sunday, 18 April 2010

Coventry City football game Saturday & All Star game sunday

My good friend Mark came through with 3 tickets for the Coventry City football game and invited Scott and myself! So after our morning workout and coaching session I headed home and got ready to head out to Ricoh Arena where they play their games. It's a huge stadium that seats 32,000 fans although there was only around 16,000 in attendance on Saturday.
The game was awesome and the crowd from both teams were pretty intense with their cheers and banter. I've never been to a live soccer match and it was a lot of fun! Cov City scored fairly early and then gave up a penalty in the box and the other team scored off the free kick. It ended in a draw 1-1. It was a beautiful day for some football and a good time with Scott and Mark!

John and I were both invited to play in the All Star game for Warwickshire Basketball Association. It was a fun day as John and I got there early to support some of our Crusader U12 and U14 players who played before us in their all star game, but since we were there were ended up reffing instead. Which is always a fun time haha (gotta give refs respect, its not an easy job at all). So the schedule looked like this; U12 and U14 kids played in the AM, then the women's all star game, then there was a Shoot-Out 3pt contest, then a Wheelchair basketball match (which was awesome), then we had our game last. I played for the EAST and John for the WEST. It was a tight match and the EAST came out victorious, ya baby!!

Just a little update as to my Luxembourg trip this week: My flight leaving tomorrow has been cancelled due to the volcanic ash that has been spreading all over from the volcanoe in Iceland that erupted a few days ago. No flights have been able to come in or leave out of the UK for about 3 days now. So as of right now I will be in Coventry until further notice...

Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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