Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The past week...

So I finally made it out back to Luxembourg on the 20th via train because flights were still not being allowed in or out of the UK up to that point. I took a bus to London and then caught a train down to Brussels and from there caught another train to Arlon, a small town in Luxembourg. It was beautiful day and I was able to soak in the sights on the trip down. We practiced on Wednesday night and then played a "friendly match" against a top league team on Thursday night. It was an interesting situation because some of the older players from this season (late twenties, early thirties) had recently decided that this season was going to be their last so there weren't going to play anymore. On top of that the club decided to not bring back the coach from this season, SOOOO on a "tryout" was a new coach originally from New Jersey. So we had 1 practice with a new team, new American player (me) and a new coach and had to play a game against a top league team the next day hahah!... It was an experience in itself, but my game plan was just to ride with it and have fun and play hard. We lost by 25pts, but that was expected with the current situation. I played well and had 30pts and 13rebounds. I liked the new coach and felt he did well coaching us and giving encouragement to the younger kids. It's a tricky situation as a coach to be thrown into the fire like that, but he did well and gave us some plays to run that were successful. As far as how things are with that club, they are going to have a committee meeting sometime soon and get back to me with their decision of whether they will be offering me a contract for next season or not. I am confident that they will, the real quesiton is if that's the place I want to play next season?? Only after time and prayers will I know that..

While I was there I stayed in the apartment with the new possible coach, Bill Paterno. We were roommates for the 4 days while i was there. It was a fun time as he has been in Europe now since the late 70's and playing bball for 40 years, so needless to say he had a ton of interesting and funny stories about life and the game of basketball. After the game Thursday the club didn't have anything else set up for us to do so we were free to do whatever until I left Sunday night. Most of my time was spent chilling online and reading a new book given to me by John called "The Shack" by Willaim P. Young. I most recently had finished "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller and would highly recommend it to anyone. It was an easy and very interesting read written by a guy who understands Christianity and has a simple but strong relationship with God. He really breaks down some everday struggles we all go through in our lives and shows how you can make it through them with God on your side. He is someone I can relate to because he had some similar questions about Christianity growing up and struggles about the faith that I've had. The way his life changed over time and his faith in God had grown was inspiring to me, and I couldn't put the book down once I started.
I was able to fly back on Sunday to the UK and made it safely!! It was perfect timing as my Bday was on Monday the 26th! So i was excited to be back with friends to celebrate the good times :) Monday was a busy day of coaching then John and I were invited to Coach's house for dinner. We were graced with a mexican night (which is always awesome because there isn't really any mexican restaurants in the UK at all) and also Rebecca's famous brownies!! yummy to the tummy!! It was really nice to get to spend my birthday with my UK family!

The plans for the night after dinner was to head out to a disco/pub called The Coliseum, which is a really busy "college night" on mondays nights. A couple of my teammates, Dan and Dave made it out and also some Crusader supporters Lauren and Lucy as well. It was a fun night of dancing and I'm glad that some of my friends were able to make it out for my 27th! Geez where did 26 go???!!! Here's a short video from the night...

John and Dave

John, Dan and Me

Me, Lauren, Lucy and John

I know I have said this often as of late but it really does amaze me how quickly my time here has gone (only 6 days left here)! I am going to miss my new life long friends I have made out here. It's also going to be hard to say bye to some of these kids I've been coaching for the past four months. The relationships I've made since being here are worth more to me than anything else another club could've offered. I really feel blessed to have had the opportunity to play in Coventry and be a Crusader.

Until Tomorrow... "make it happen"

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