Friday, 2 April 2010

Last game of the season...

This Saturday we have our final game of the season against Tees Valley Mohawks. It's gonna be a long day as it takes around 3.5hrs to drive up there, couple hours to play then another 3.5hrs to drive back. We've beaten this team already once before, but they've changed slightly in personel since last time. Hopefully we can end on a win to cap off our season!

So one thing that is nice about playing and living in the UK is of course that there is no language barrier. BUT that doesn't mean that there hasn't been some minor issues at times with conversating with people. Some of the terminology that we use in the States means different things for people out here in the UK. Also there are some everyday actions that we perform in the States that mean different in the UK as well. Here is a list that I have compiled thus far...

British word: American translation:

bollocks- testicles
mobile- cell phone
toilet- bathroom
loo- toilet
fag- cigarette
club- sports team
jumper- coat or sweater
napkin- tampon
tea time- dinner
quid- slang for a buck (a dollar)
queue- a line to wait in at the bank or store
boot- trunk of a car
trousers- pants
pants- underwear
chips- french fries
crisps- chips
trainers- shoes or athletic shoes
kit- jersey (shorts and top)
cheers- thanks
match- game
training- practice
mate- friend
fancy- to like or want
birds- slang term for women
bloke- slang term for men
wellies- rain boots
dinner- lunch time
posh- fancy or high class
lollipop man/woman- crossing guard
hip pack- fanny pack(because fanny means a women's privates hahaha!)
sort or sorted- figured out

In the UK there is a stereotype on young teenagers that are called "Chavs". They usually wear a full head to toe sweatsuit or track jacket type of outfit (nike or adidas) along with some athletic running shoes and then a hat of some sort. BUT not a typical baseball hat but like a burberry or nike sporty hat. Kinda funny, I guess it'd sort of be like our "gangster" in the States.

Another couple of funny things about the UK is that #1 you can actually get a fine for spitting in the streets! John and I kind've have a joke between us every time we spit, it's like a running tally of how much we would owe if we were to get caught each time. He says you can get like a 60 pound ticket if you get caught! Crazy!
#2 No one seems to "poop scoop" after their dogs!! And it doesn't seem as though there is a fine either... So walking down the street sometimes can be like a game rather than just a pleasant relaxing walk. You really have to keep your eyes peeled otherwise you're in for a squishy treat :)
#3 A peace sign is ok, BUT only if displayed this way...

NOT THIS WAY!! As I've come to find out haha! I guess it's the same as giving someone the "middle finger" or "the big bird"... Which is a shame because this is my "go to" pose for pictures hahah! Oh well..

I hope everyone is awesome and enjoying their Easter Break! Life is good, God is great!

Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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