Friday, 30 April 2010

Warwick Castle

On Thursday John and I were invited to check out Warwick Castle with fellow Crusaders youth coach, Daniella and her friend Edith who was in town visiting from Israel. It was interesting getting to walk around inside and outside of the castle buildings. Some of the doorways were probably under 6' tall, and the stairways really really narrow.

We were able to hike our way up the spiral staircase to the top of the tallest tower and see the beautiful scenery for miles and miles. It's funny to imagine what life would've been like back in medieval times and actually living in a castle... my how the world has changed!

The highight of the day was definitely when we signed up to help load and shoot one of the largest Trebuchet's in the world!! Each of us were paired up and had to take turns walking inside these huge wheels (like a hamster) to bring down the arm that shoots the stone. After that we had to then walk the opposite direction in order to build the tension on the rope to shoot the arm. It wasn't that much "work" in order to get it loaded but it was well worth the final product of seeing it fired!

Yes that's me in there cranking that wheel.. we had to wear these funky outfits too, but all in good fun!

It was a fun day and I'm glad that we were invited out to experience it! Sometimes attractions like Warwick Castle are considered rip-offs (similar to going up the Space needle) and too expensive, but we got in for half off and I really can appreciate the history and uniqueness of midieval times now!

4 more days until I'm on that big bird flying home... trying to visit with everyone out here before Tuesday! Isn't it funny how time goes by soooo quick when you actually need it hahaha!

Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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  1. love all the updates and happy late bday!!! have a safe trip home and come visit us soon!!! xoxo