Monday, 5 April 2010

Last game and Easter Sunday

Crusaders 92- Tees Valley Mohawks 95
We lost another tough one by 3 points after being up by 10-14pts all game. This brings a close to the 2010 Crusaders season. We finished in 10th place, 1 game out of 9th. I didn't have a good game by any means but would've loved to get the win. I had 9pt 7rebs 2asts 2blks. I have really enjoyed my season here and am very thankful for the opportunity to get to play here in Coventry. I don't know yet about next season and probably won't know until September, BUT I would always consider being a Crusader for another season!

Easter Sunday-
We started today off by heading to church at our usual Mosaic spot. It was a nice service with Pete (our other flat mate) leading worship and Mike (a member of the church) that was going to be sharing the word as our speaker for the day.
Mike spoke about some of his personal experiences in hearing GOD speak to him through prayer, and how each one of us can have these same spiritual connections with GOD. He said it's all about putting yourself in the right state of mind(whether it be in quiet prayer, or while signing worship songs) and then being able to recognize GOD's voice from your subconscious as he speaks to you through prayer. It was an interesting topic to take in and think about for the rest of the day. It made me think about how much I really "try" to hear GOD speaking to me, and how maybe I can try to focus more during prayer and not let my mind wander off as sometimes it can...

Post church we went to Scott's for the day as he and Rebecca had invited us over for Easter and had planned out a Seder meal for us to share with them. A Seder meal is the Jewish Passover meal that's celebrated annually retelling the story when God brought them out of slavery in Egypt. This was 'the Last Supper' Jesus celebrated with his disciples before he was arrested and crucified . Here is a link to see what exactly is involved in a seder meal:

It was a lovely time and the food was great! Scott cooked a leg of Lamb, potatoes and brocolli that was all delicious. It was great time of fellowship as it always is at the Neely household. After our meal we sat around and talked/played with Selah until it was bedtime for her. Scott took a funny video of me reading "the wheels on the bus" to her. Here is the link from my facebook:!/video/video.php?v=420646940999&ref=mf

It was a long day as we stayed late watching the Final Four games from the day before that we missed because of our game that was on the road Saturday night. I missed being home for Easter but I felt as though I was just down the street being with the Neely family!

It's crazy to think about but I'll be back home in less than a month now!! I can't believe my four months has gone by sooooo quickly. There are really soooo many things I'll take away from this experience. I've had a great time up to this point and hopefully I'll have some more in my last few weeks in the UK!

Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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