Sunday, 24 January 2010


Today was game day and that's pretty much all that was really on my mind, but we did have an early coaching session @9AM that went well and was actually a lot of fun! After that we came back to the casa to grab lunch then went back down to the gym to watch the U18 (under 18yrs old) Crusaders game, which was a crazy one! We lost in OT but ended up playing 5 on 4 for the last 7 minutes of the game and even though had an advantage still managed to lose...(the pictures above are from the U18 game)
Our match was at "half seven" or as we Americans would say it 7:30..hahaha. Our opponents tonight were currently last in the league standings and have had troubles with injuries, but against us they were back to full power. It was a close match all the way up until about 8 mins in the 4th quarter, then we finally started to pull away.
I ended up with 32pts. 11rebs. 3asts and 1blk. Another good game for the Crusaders and myself! Check out the write-up about the match in our "news" section on the website below...

Can't celebrate for long though as we have another game tomorrow (sunday) @4 on the road against the Reading Rockets. So I will hopefully be upating you about another win tomorrow night!
Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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