Sunday, 17 January 2010


1st game for me with the Coventry Crusaders and the result is an upset over the Leicester warriors who are currently tied for third place!! Here is a write up about the game from our offical website below (just go to the "news" section)... I had 25pts, 12rebounds, 2blks and 3assits

Today was pretty much all about the game. I didn't get into too much, but i did manage to watch most of Avatar online haha... Although I'm still going to see it in the theaters in 3D! The bootleg online version just doesn't do it any justice.
After our match(thats what they call games out here) two of my roommates and a couple other friends went out to a pub for a celebratory beer! It was a pretty dead night but we went on a small walk around afterwards so I could check out the City Centre area as they called it. A lot of nice little stores and what not, including a Subway (Chuck supporters haha), FootLocker and of course a Starbucks LOL!
Well that's about it for today... it's 2AM now so I'm gonna head off to bed, I'm still trying to get on schedule out here with this time zone. Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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