Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sick day...

So I'm officially sick and just trying to fight it off! Nothing serious, just a stuffy nose and cough, but no worries our game this weekend got re-scheduled so there's no pressure to be 100% soon...
Yesterday was another day, nothing special (just in England that's all haha!). I had only one school bball session that was fun and then was able to chill for a little bit before practice which also went well! The highlight of my Tuesday was definitely the stir fry that I made for din din! (of course with some help from my roomies, who have more cooking experience than myself :)


Today was a longgg day! It started with a 7AM wake up call to get to the gym for a workout with John. From there I walked over to our Crusader headquarters to meet with coach for our once a week meeting. It went very well and once again I realized how blessed I am to be in a situation like this and be surrounded by the folks I am. I truly believe God wanted me here right now so that I can grow not only as a ball player but as a Christian man. I'm starting to see that I'm getting older and certain things are standing out to me as important issues that I maybe didn't take quite so serious in past years. Having coach and John here to talk to at any time is a blessing and this experience is definitely about a lot more than just hoops.
After my meeting I had to rush off to my first of 2 schools today. Potter's Green Primary was first, and our session was outside ( even though it was freezing!), but the kids were troopers and didn't seem to affected by the cold! 20 mins after that session ended I was on to my next and last stop for the day. Grace Academy has 2 sessions that i run one after the other for about 2 1/2 hours. The first is an after school group who come to play for fun and exercise, but the second group session is associated with our club and these kids love bball and learning new skills. I finished up around 5:30pm and luckily got a ride home from my assistant coach, otherwise it was gonna be bus time (and it was coldddd).
Now I finally get some chill time to relax and catch up with some people back home :) I'm enjoying my skype sessions with friends and family! Well i'm gonna pop in a movie and knock out for the night...ahhhh finally some rest!
Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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