Monday, 18 January 2010

Let the week begin :)

So today started with an early 7:3AM gym workout!! John and I went into the City Centre gym where we play our home games and got a good hour and a half workout in on the court, before the "over 60yr old" group had the gym reserved for badmitten haha! The gym times are pretty funky so it looks like to get extra work in its gonna have to be early in the AM's :( which is not my favorite but to be the best one has to usually sacrifice something they love...
After our brilliant morning we chilled just for a little bit and then headed out to run some errands. One of which was getting some house keys made for me to the house, another was getting me set up with a cell phone while im in the UK. We went to TMOBILE where for 10pounds(basically 15bucks) a month I get unlimited texting (which u know i love! haha) and unlimited internet plus 10pounds worth of phone calls. So it'll be nice to be able to stay in touch with teammates and Coach Scott as I'm in Coventry. That's a hell of a deal too, you won't find that in the states from any company! We then headed to a bank to try to get an account for me, but this might take a little longer than expected since i'm here on a special sports visa.
The rest of our day consisted of going to 2 schools for 1hr sessions at each place. We first headed out to a primary school (elementary) for a bball session (class). It was fun, the kids are learning the basic fundamentals and rules of basketball while also having fun playing games to implement what we teach them. After that was up we headed off to the second school for a similar session. This was a secondary school (middle) and there was only 8 kids today so it was little tough to keep them interested but it was still productive. These sessions are what we will be doing daily throughout the week as part of what the Crusaders club/foundation is all about beyond basketball.
For the end of the night we went over to Coach's house to grab a bite to eat and visit with him, his wife and daughter. It was good to get some quality time with him and get to know him better as a person off the court. It's going to be a good 3 1/2 months out here for sure!
My last task for the day was to get home via bus!! This was my first experience with the bus system out here and no worries, I made it home safe and sound :). It wasn't a double decker though but I've got plenty more bus rides ahead of me haha.
Until tomorrow...
"Make it Happen"

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