Monday, 18 January 2010

Sunday fun day!

Today was my first Sunday in England and it was just about the same as anywhere in the states, a day to relax and chill out! I went with John Olinger (who is the other american player on our team, from Portland) to a Christian church this AM @ a place called Mosaic (which is where our other roommate Pete is the worship leader). It was a very nice service, the people here in Coventry are very passionate about life and the Lord. For being a smaller church they still rocked out for the worship time! The pastor had some good word this morning and challenged the people of the church to make 2010 their year by believing whats meant to happen, will. He also talked about divine appointments, and how lets say if you randomly run into someone you maybe haven't seen for years and they are struggling in their life but then you get to help them out or give them advice that they critically needed. OR maybe you experience something you think is random but it really isn't random at all. In fact its all part of God's plan in your life!
After the service we went to IKEA for lunch haha! yes i said IKEA, the warehouse full of house supplies and odds and ends of things... They have a nice little restaurant up on the sixth floor, which was packed! I guess a lot of stores and restaurants aren't open on sundays, the people really like to take sundays off :)
I must say though, everyone recommended the Swedish Meatballs and they were off the chain!! came with chips (french fries out here) as well which i thought at first was a weird combo, BUT it ended up working quite brilliantly together! p.s. the word brilliantly is used here all the time lol, thought i'd get in the habit too!
The rest of my day was spent emailing friends and family and making a couple phone and skype calls. Of course I did sneak in a cat nap as well... why not! haha
Tomorrow should be a busy day with an early AM workout and some activities at a few schools!
Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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