Monday, 25 January 2010



It was a tough road game today but we fought hard and showed a lot of heart. We're still a young team that's improving daily! I had 18pts, 4reb, 3asts, 1blk. I got myself into foul trouble early in the third quarter and had to sit for a while which hurt us big time. This game I saw a lot of double teams and had to adjust more than the past games, they scouted us pretty well. The game was pretty much the agenda for the day, and once we got home it was pretty much time to knock out after 2 games in 2days...


Today I woke up feeling a little sick with a sore throat and a cough, but I'm fighting it off! We went to two schools today which both sessions went well, especially the "all girls" school. These were 13-15 yr old girls who were boy crazy and wanted nothing more than to hear my "American accent" haha! To wrap up the night I accompanied John to the Coventry University mens bball practice as he is the head coach. I spent most of the time watching but helped with a few of the drills when needed. It was sort of a long day, but still a great one!
Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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