Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hump day aka Wednesday!

Since I didn't blog yesterday I'll go ahead and fill in what happened for my Tuesday...
I met with Coach Scott in the AM for about 1 1/2 hours going over some short and long term goals while I'm here in Coventry as well as we just talked to get to know eachother better. The goals were not just bball related eiter but also included things that I can try to accomplish in the community and spiritually. Needless to say it was a great meeting and it also gave me time to get to know him better as a person and not just a coach. After our meeting was over it was time to head out to the schools, this was going to be my first session solo. I made my way out to a primary school and ran a bball session for a group of yr. 6 kids (as they say it). Everything went great and the kids are very polite, they are really starting to love learning and playing basketball. The only other thing on my schedule for the day was our team training (or what we americans call practice). We practiced from 8pm to around 930pm, it went very well and we worked on some critical things for this weekends matches (or games as we Americans call them). We have two games this weekend, back to back so it will be very crucial to get both these wins out of the way! Once home I cooked another pretty fabulous meal consisting of scrambled eggs with cheese, ham and mixed chopped peppers, accompanied by some 4cheese tortellini! Not bad if i must say :)
Now for today, Wednesday...
John and I got another early 8AM workout in on the court at the City Centre where we play our games. It was a really cold morning today!! After our workout we had a couple hours to chill before heading out to a primary school for a session regarding out Hoops4Health program. It went very well with their yr.6 kids and my duty for that session was to teach the bball section as well as teach them about the heart and how to keep it healthy regarding exercise and basketball. I had one other coaching responsibility for the day at Grace Academy which wasn't far away from the first school and which is actually where we do our team trainings at. This session was an after school type of deal and all the kids that attend this want to be there and are usually more interested in bball than just regular school kids. This makes coaching it much easier with more options for drills and games!
Now my day is pretty much done and its about 7pm. So i'm going to lay low and chill out then eventually make some dinner and cash out for the night. It's been a pretty long day today but all is going as good as ever to this point!
Until tomorrow...
"make it happen"

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